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Smile Gallery in Greensboro, NC

Are you embarrassed to show people your teeth? If you find yourself trying to hide your teeth when you smile, trust the experience of Irvin Orthodontics in Greensboro, North Carolina to give you the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

You deserve a gorgeous smile and healthy teeth. Dr. Alan Irvin is dedicated to helping North Carolinians have the smiles of their dreams. Dr. Irvin and his staff work hard to make sure patients receive the best care in a comfortable environment. With his cutting edge orthodontic care and a commitment to quality service, patients often experience life-changing results.

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At Irvin Orthodontics, we treat our patients with care during all phases of their orthodontic treatment. We make ourselves available to answer questions and provide assistance as needed. Whether you choose to straighten your teeth using traditional metallic braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign® aligners, we know you will love your results. To help you understand what orthodontics can do for your smile, we have compiled a series of before and after pictures of our very own Irvin Orthodontic patients. Every patient has their own unique needs. We believe orthodontic treatment should be tailored to the individual, providing you with a specialized treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

The pictures in our smile gallery have not been retouched or edited. We want you to see the dramatic results that can be yours when you receive orthodontic treatment at Irvin Orthodontics. Treatment time and results are determined by the amount of work you need done and can vary from person to person. Contact us today!

Irvin Orthodontics is a Platinum Provider for Invisalign®

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