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Braces in Greensboro, NC

Braces are an orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth. Irvin Orthodontics offers braces to the local residents of Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, NC, who are looking to improve the appearance, function, and health of their smiles.

What Are Braces?

Braces are an orthodontic appliance used to reposition your teeth for optimal form and function of the mouth. Braces consist of brackets and wire, which are attached to the teeth by an orthodontist. Braces are semi-permanent and stay attached to the teeth for the duration of treatment, typically ranging from six to 24 months.

Why Do People Get Braces?

People can get braces for a number of reasons, and this orthodontic treatment is appropriate for children, teens and adults alike. Some of the most common reasons people choose to get braces include:

  • Appearance: Braces can give you a straighter, more symmetric smile to improve your overall look.
  • Hygiene: Crowded or crooked teeth can be more difficult to clean.
  • Function: Braces can correct speech, clenching or eating problems caused by the teeth or jaw.

Additional Information Regarding Braces:

What Are the Types of Braces?

At Irvin Orthodontics, we offer different types of braces to meet the needs of every individual. At your complimentary consultation, we will discuss with you your options for braces and make recommendations based on your lifestyle and goals for treatment. The types of braces offered at our office include:

  • Braces for Adults: Our adult braces offer options for you to get the orthodontic treatment you need without making sacrifices. At a consultation for adult braces, we will discuss your options to make the process as comfortable and convenient as possible for you.
  • Braces for Kids: Braces for kids are designed to be comfortable for children. We have options to ensure that their lifestyle choices will not be compromised by braces and will make sure the process is as simple and fun as possible.
  • Braces for Teens: Is your teen self-conscious about the idea of braces? Braces for teens can help alleviate any anxiety by offering fun and unique options for the orthodontic treatment. This ensures the experience will be confidence-boosting, and your teen will be left with a beautiful smile.
  • Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces use tooth-colored brackets made from ceramic instead of traditional metal brackets. The result is much less noticeable than metallic brackets.
  • Metal Braces: Metal braces, or traditional braces, are the most basic choice and for good reason. Metal braces are straightforward and involve affixing metal brackets and wire onto the front of the teeth until they are appropriately positioned.

Colored braces can make the process more personal and fun, especially for kids! This method uses colored rubber bands to enhance the look of the brackets on the tooth and are completely customizable based on each person’s style and creative flair.

In some cases, individuals need spacers before or during braces. Spacers are small, rubber band-like rings which are inserted between two teeth to create more space between them. Typically, these are only worn for a few days and then the orthodontist will remove them before fitting or adjusting braces.

How Much Do Braces Cost in Greensboro?

The cost of braces will vary depending upon the type of braces you are getting and the amount of visits needed for proper treatment. We will determine the cost of your treatment at your consultation and offer payment plans to help cover the cost of your new braces. Irvin Orthodontics offers in-office financing for qualified patients. Please visit our financing page for more comprehensive financing information.

We’re confident we have the right kind of braces to accommodate your goals for a straighter, more beautiful smile. Irvin Orthodontics offers these types of braces to the local residents of Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, NC. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary initial exam to learn more about each.

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